exile | a short film

exile by Shiori Matsumoto | 2002

In 2012 on a trip to northern thailand I met a family who had moved from Japan after the Fukushima nuclear disaster. They were living on a permaculture farm, and had made the difficult decision to leave the rest of their family and their homeland to provide a safer environment for their daughter. Meeting them and hearing their story brought home the complex reality of the effects these fallouts have, and how easy it is for many of us to forget about this once the media finds a new story. The experience sat heavily in my heart and so I decided to write a short film screenplay based on their story for a post grad script writing subject. Until now I haven’t shared this with anyone, but one day I would love to collaborate with a film maker and see it come to life.

You can read the screenplay here.

Artwork (featured on homepage): Toshidama Japanese Print | Kintaro, the red boy as he is sometimes called, is a Japanese folk hero of supernatural strength, raised by his exiled mother in the mountains and said to be able to communicate with animals and the tengu (mythical woodland demons).

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