Slow Wing

Latorica Studio in collaboration with The Dark Mountain Project presents: the Slow Wing of Uncivilisation

Powerful Owl by Chloe Pringle

Latorica brings Slow Wing to Byron Bay as a satellite workshop of the Uncivilisation festival, a UK event held by The Dark Mountain Project on the same weekend in August. Slow Wing is a weekend workshop led by transdisciplinary artists Ilka Blue & Cherise Asmah, the workshop takes participants on a slow and intensive exploration of cultural and biological extinction as we search for ways to belong and adapt to a changing world.
The Dark Mountain Project is an international network of writers, artists and thinkers who offer up a challenge to the foundations of modern civilisation. Practitioners of all ilk, who can burrow deep into stories of death, dying, place, belonging and mythologies of this land, are invited to attend the Slow Wing workshop.
The workshop involves 2 full days of storytelling, walking, writing, deep ecology & creative practices. Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th August: 10am – 4pm both days.

Slow Wing is free of charge but places are limited to 25 and will be offered through a registration process.

For a registration form or enquiries please email ilka [at]


For more details click on the links below:

The Poster for the event.

The Q & A with background info on The Dark Mountain Project and the emergence of Slow Wing.

The Slow Wing article written for the Dark Mountain Project blog.


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